On Monday 15 November 2021, Roland Potez passed on the eponymous group to his children and Antoine Potez was appointed President of POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE.

“I wish the company a radiant future serving its customers and thus the aviation industry.”

Roland Potez

Roland Potez, who has presided over the destiny of POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE since 1979, wanted to ensure the continuity of the more than one hundred year old group created by the prestigious aircraft manufacturer Henry Potez, his grandfather, by passing the company on to his children, Antoine and Henry. They became equal stockholders. After serving as CEO since 2016, Antoine Potez becomes President of the group.

“I am happy to pass on to my sons Henry and Antoine the company created more than one hundred and ten years ago by my grandfather Henry Potez, the famous aircraft manufacturer behind the creation of the French aeronautical industry. His vision has allowed to built our industry, our capabilities, as well as the know-how and skills of the tool that I am passing on. I wish the company a radiant future serving its customers and thus the aviation industry. Confident in its ability to prosper in the context of the recovery, I am certain that Potez Aéronautique will continue to inspire many generations,” said Roland Potez at the end of the General Assembly on November 15, 2021, during which the transmission was approved.

Antoine Potez also shares his ambition for the group : “I am proud to open a new chapter in this magnificent century-old family industrial history and to embody the new generation that has so much to accomplish today. For this, I count on all the men and women who share with me the honor, the values and the joy of belonging to this emblematic group,” he emphasizes.

” I am proud to open a new chapter in this magnificent century-old family industrial history.”

Antoine Potez

A new page will be written thanks to the family’s financial commitment. « Family ownership is a strength for our group because it guarantees security and stability. This uniqueness has always benefited Potez Aéronautique and its customers, and my brother and I are happy to ensure this continuity,” says Henry Potez, now a co-shareholder of the group.

Discover the history of a group that has shaped the aeronautics industry.

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