Our products carry out essential functions on board and contribute to safety both in flight and on the ground; for this reason it is essential to offer our clients the highest quality products possible.

Our efficient Management System meets the standards and regulations of the aerospace and defense industries.

PART 145

Quality control using efficient resources: gap gun, lynx, romer arm, tridim, tablet…

Quality results to meet our clients’ highest standards: NGC Platinum Supplier Certificate

Cyber security & environment are also part of our commitments.
Every project that we launch is carefully examined by our analysts to ensure the security of your data and minimize the impact on the environment as far as possible. We conduct simulations and sustainable resource management right through the design, procurement, manufacture, delivery and MOC stages.

Photo quality, safety & environment
Focus on...

Part & Far

POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE has European PART 21 approval for new equipment, as well as PART 145 and FAR 145 approvals for repaired or overhauled equipment.