Suite à l’acquisition fin 2019 de la société lotoise POTEZ COMPOSITES spécialisée en fabrication de pièces élémentaires en composites, le groupe a étendu son spectre de compétences à l’aménagement intérieur d’aéronefs. Sur ce segment également, nous proposons des prestations de conception et fabrication. Nous nous adaptons aux besoins et exigences particulières de nos clients concepteurs d’intérieurs aussi bien en termes de qualité que de délai, nous permettant d’intervenir à la fois sur des productions série comme des activités de prototypage.

Coques de sièges de classe affaires, revêtements et aménagements intérieurs, nous intervenons sur des éléments techniques aux finitions standards ou premium pour les grands donneurs d’ordres.

“Our commitment: to meet your most demanding customers’ needs”

parts and sub-assemblies for business and first-class seats

POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE contributes to the production of customized premium seats for airlines by offering moving composite parts fitted to mechanical systems such as armrests (with comfort and ease of access positions for passengers with a disability), as well as partitions and sliding doors. These are then fitted, painted, or decorated, and delivered to the manufacturer for final assembly. POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE is involved from the industrial processing phase through to the delivery of finished products, including co-design services.

We also employ our expertise to design and manufacture seat shells that offer passengers privacy and comfort with features such as shelves and footrests. The appearance of the seat shell and its mechanical performance (strength) and safety characteristics (fire and smoke resistance and reduced toxicity) are key to the needs of our clients and their passengers. Business-class seats are intrinsic to forging an airline’s reputation on long-haul aircraft (single-aisle, stretched and wide-body versions).

POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE’s expertise in composites makes it a partner of choice.

Our expertise in interior fittings
Manufacture of large/complex blank parts
(paintwork and/or decorative film)

Galleys, toilets and cabin interior

POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE makes technical equipment such as galley and toilet casing parts. Our expertise allows our teams to work on all types of interior fittings and coverings for the baggage hold, cabin crew storage areas, lockers, functional partition walls, etc.

business class seat Potez Aéronautique

Responsiveness and flexibility

POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE’s cabin-fitting activities have been well received for over 10 years and they are integral to our continuing quest for excellence. In addition to our industrial capacities in the field of composites, we offer our clients flexibility, reactivity, competitiveness and commitment to deadlines and quality.

As soon as an airline selects its cabin design, we get to work very quickly, whether on equipment or refurbishing.

Our intervention from the prototyping stage can also accelerate the production cycle: we support you by proposing technical solutions to improve, facilitate and enhance the reliability of the approach.

CABIN INTERIORS Potez Aéronautique