Le Landais Potez Aéronautique fabriquera le fuselage du nouveau Dornier 228 NXT (latribune.fr)

POTEZ AERONAUTICS wins a contract with the German group General Atomics for the series production release of the German program Dornier 228 Generation (Do228NXT).

This launch is a continuation of 40 successful years of the Dornier 228. The new generation embeds cutting-edge technologies, and demonstrates enhanced performances, in line with the current environmental regulations. “We are really proud to be chosen by General Atomics AeroTec Systems to produce the plane Do228 NXT fuselage; a crucial aircraft item. We would like to thank GA-ATS for the confidence given to our team and allowing us to contribute to the German program recovery Do228 NXT” claimed Antoine Potez, Chief Executive Officer of POTEZ AERONAUTICS.

Strategic collaboration, a know-how re-birthing and job creation

Production will take place at the Aire-sur-l’Adour site. The fuselage sections and elementary will be delivered to Oberpfaffenhofen, where the German aircraft manufacturer carries out final assembly. POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE masters the entire production process for metal and composite aerostructure assemblies. Antoine Potez, Chairman and CEO of POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE, is delighted with the forthcoming collaboration: “This contract is recognition of our team’s experience and technical expertise in the production of complex aerostructure components. This contract will soon generate 35 additional direct jobs in Aire-sur-l’Adour, and as many indirect jobs via Potez Aéronautique’s subcontracting chain, for profiles as varied as fitters, sheet metal smith, methods and quality technicians, project engineers, production managers, etc.

Cutting-edge technology

The Do228 NXT includes cutting-edges technologies that answer to the aeronautical industrial requirements. This aircraft is perfectly adapted to the special mission flights. The digital autopilot will be reinforced and improved, contributing to optimized fuel use and the flight planning of the Do228 NXT. The human interface has been enhanced and the function simplified in order to guarantee a maximum operational reliability. The Do228 NXT does not only excel by its characteristics but its interior also receives a greater improvement: the cabin will be equipped with state-of-the-art led lighting as well as improved air-conditioning and the ventilation systems. Moreover, the aircraft surface protection process is being update to adhere to the current environmental standards such as the REACH expectations. General Atomics AeroTec Systems will take over the small series production of the aircraft at Oberpfaffenhofen, producing up to five Do 228 NXT per year.

A multipurpose aircraft with versatile operational areas

The Do228 NXT is based on the long-successful Dornier 228. Its technical optimization meets all today’s requirements in terms of safety and fuel efficiency, for both passenger transport and special missions. The Do228 is used all over the world by Maritime Patrols, from pollution response and search and rescue missions to border surveillance, reconnaissance and light transport (cargo, parachutists, passengers, medical evacuations).

Potez Aeronautics wins the General Atomics contract Do 228 NXT

The presence of two partner groups at the Bourget 2023

General Atomics and POTEZ AERONAUTICS will participate in the SIAE, international aeronautical and aerospace trade fair, which will take place at the Bourget, France, from the 19 to the 22 of June 2023.

The POTEZ AERONAUTICS team will answer the questions related to the program and its specificities; more widely, they will present their diverse expertise on stand C139 in hall 2B.

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