Level 1 MRB Design Office delegation for POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE Group

POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE has been notified by its customer DASSAULT AVIATION of the award of the Bureau d’Étude Material Review Board level 1 delegation.

This delegation makes POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE autonomous in the classification and processing of secondary defects.

Through this agreement, DASSAULT AVIATION recognizes POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE’s technical expertise, mastery of the quality process and, more generally, its high level of industrial maturity.

At the next surveillance audit, scheduled for September 2023, the extension of the delegation perimeter will be studied under the following conditions:

  • Level 2 delegation (including technical validation of derogations – box 11)
  • F900/F2000 aerofoils
  • F10X program
  • Fighter jet : outer, BA tailfin and APEX

The awarding of this delegation underlines the efficiency of the collaboration between POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE’s various departments, as well as the quality of its know-how.

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