La Tribune looks back at the new contract earned by Potez Aéronautique

La Tribune, economic and financial French newspaper, published the 13th of June 2023, an article about the new contract earned by POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE for the fuselage production of the Do228 NXT.

The article entitled Le Landais Potez Aéronautique will manufacture the fuselage of the new Dornier 228 NXT (latribune.fr) highlights equipment manufacturer POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE. The company has just won a five-year contract to manufacture the fuselage for 5 examples of the #Dornier 228 NXT for General Atomics AeroTec Systems.

Potez Aéronautique will manufacture the fuselage for the new Dornier 228 NXT (latribune.fr)
Potez Aéronautique will manufacture the fuselage for the new Dornier 228 NXT. Credits: General Atomics Aerotec.

The article emphasizes that is a first for the hundred-year-old Landes company, runned by Anthoine Potez. The journalist underlines the group sharp increase for the past three years and now it has its own qualified formation centers.

Article extract : “Produced by German aircraft manufacturer Dornier from 1981 to 1998, the Dornier 228 is now manufactured in a new “Next Generation” version by General Atomics AeroTec Systems, still in Oberpfaffenhofen (Germany). The aircraft is renowned for its versatility and short-field performance.”

Potez Aéronautique industrial site in Aire-sur-l’Adour

“This is a new development for us, since it is the first time we have been given complete responsibility for the entire fuselage of the aircraft, with this global subcontracting agreement”, rejoices Anthoine Potez, CEO of Potez Aéronautique, few days before the beginning of Bourget air show. The company founded by his great-grandfather in the 1920s, has just won a major contract with General Atomics AeroTec, to launch series production of the German Dornier 228 Next Generation program.

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