Potez Aéronautique is recruiting: 2023 apprenticeship campaign

The POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE Group is recruiting coop training students for 2023/2024!

POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE is developing alternated training programs (apprenticeships and professional training) in several core businesses, both in support functions and in production. It already has some forty coop training students in its ranks, spread across various entities. The group is committed to enhance the skills of its talented workforce, and offers a wide range of career opportunities in line with the company’s needs and activities. Thanks to Potez Aéronautique’s strong growth, the company has offered several of its coop training students contracts (fixed-term / open-ended) on completion of their studies.

Are you looking for a coop training program? Would you like to work in an innovative, dynamic company and develop new skills? See all Potez Aéronautique offers in the “Talents” section!

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