New Potez Aéronautique formation center in Bordeaux

Potez Aéronautique’s training courses are now available in Bordeaux thanks to the opening of a new formation center dedicated to the aeronautics jobs.

Potez Aéronautique’s calling is to pass on its knowledge and train future generations in the key aeronautical trades of tomorrow. For the past ten years, the group has been training apprentices at its Aire-sur-l’Adour site. These training courses are doubly certified: validated by the Certificat de Qualification Paritaire de la Métallurgie and Qualiopi recognized.

Potez Aéronautique is delighted to announce the opening of another training center in Bordeaux !

Located at 1 route de Cénac 33360 Lastresne, France, this training center will allow the company to provide, at the training’s end, approved staff on its subcontracted lines located at Dassault Biarritz and Dassault Martignas.

About thirty apprentices are currently following a training on the “CQPM 187 Ajusteur assembleur de structures aéronefs” at the Bordeaux site. Next sessions will begin the 3rd and 17th of July. Next sessions are already planned.

Moreover, this training center offers the formation on “CQPM Agent de contrôle” since April 2023 and has the project to open in 2024 a “CQPM Chaudronnier aéronautique” session.

To keep up to date with all the latest news from the Group, and in particular from our training centers, follow the Potez Aéronautique Linkedin account.

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