The dimensional metrology controller is responsible for verifying, based on a technical file, the dimensional and geometric conformity of the parts at the different stages of production.

For this he must ensure the conformity of the means of control (measuring and control instruments) for which he is responsible, the validity of the control method (choice of the instrument with regard to the specifications, measurement methods …) and that of the result of the control in relation to metrology standards.


Adult workers: 18 years and over


  • To verify the conformity of checking equipment and the authenticity of fabrication documents.
  • Check a product using a procedure
  • Interpret control results
  • To alert in specific cases of non-compliance
  • Maintain control operation traceability
  • Contribute to workstation performance improvement


  • Technical Bac with two years’ work experience in an industrial sector, or Bac +2 in a technology field
  • Completion of the POTEZ training program for controllers
  • Ability to read and understand production documents with written specifications, photos and engineering drawings
  • Strictly follow directions
  • Be capable of staying focused on one’s work

Validation of skills

Certification de Qualification Professionnelle de la Métallurgie (CQPM) Industrial Quality Control Agent MQ 2000 04 59/35 0186

Duration and progress of training

Training : 420 hours
PAE : 210 hours

Required skills

  • Preparing a metrology inspection
  • Product inspection and analysis of results
  • Contributing to continuous quality improvement

Teaching methods and resources

  • Group classroom training (max. 12 people per session)
  • Course materials
  • Work-study training (immersion in production)
  • Tutorials provided in addition to training
  • Workshop training program dedicated to the practical aspects of the trade
  • Individual vises, workbenches and toolboxes
  • Aircraft-specific equipment
  • Automatic checking fixtures


Module 1 Description of an aircraft
Module 2 Industrial drawing
Module 3 Plan reading
Module 4 Manufacturing folder
Module 5 Measuring instruments
Module 6 Metal/composite assembly
Module 7 Aeronautical fasteners
Module 8 The role of the aeronautical controller
Module 9 The control process
Module 10 Lean Manufacturing Awareness
Module 11 Security
Module 12 Analysis of non-compliance
Module 13 Curative, preventive, corrective actions
Module 14 Corrosion
Module 15 Special processes


Evaluation :
Continuous learning assessment (MCQ)
Practical workshop exercises for the modules concerned
Evaluation, by the trainee, of satisfaction training

Attendance tracking :
Attendance sheets

Coordinator : Alexandre Mora-Fabas

Training manager : Cyril Alvarez

Response time : 48h

Price, accessibility : contact us

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