The Aircraft Structure Adjuster Assembler operates in a workshop or in an aircraft cell. It assembles structural elements made up of different layers of materials which can be metallic or composite and carries out adjustment operations, drilling, reaming, deburring, application of protective products, installation of aeronautical fasteners on different thicknesses.

Having to intervene alone or in pairs, his work is carried out in accordance with the specifications of a manufacturing file (plans, tracking sheet, instruction sheet or technical sheet, guide table or statement).


Adult workers: 18 years and over


  • Prepare workstation
  • Produce aircraft structural units and sub-units
  • Assembly by bolting and riveting
  • Machining by material removal
  • Ensure structural watertightness
  • Check manufacturing and close manufacturing files
  • Report on activity
  • Respect work environment (HSE)


  • Having completed the POTEZ pre-qualification course for the aircraft structural assembler trade.
  • Know reading, writing and math skills
  • Good manual skills
  • Ability to read and interpret manufacturing documents including written instructions, photos and technical designs
  • Respect instructions scrupulously
  • Ability to stay focused on work

Validation of acquisition

Certification de Qualification Professionnelle de la Métallurgie (CQPM) Aircraft structure assembler – MQ 2000 0187

Duration and progress of training

Training : 420 hours
PAE : 210 hours

Skills expected

  • Read plans
  • Adjust and prepare assembly operations
  • Assemble aircraft structural assemblies or sub-assemblies

Teaching methods and resources 

  • Group classroom sessions (max. 12 people per session)
  • Course materials
  • Work-study training (immersion in production)
  • Tutoring provided in addition to training
  • Training workshop dedicated to the practice of the trade
  • Individual bench work, vices and toolboxes
  • Specific aeronautical equipment


Module 1 Industrial drawing
Module 2 Drilling
Module 3 Deburring
Module 4 Boring
Module 5 Putty
Module 6 Description of an aircraft
Module 7 Rules of the trade for fitters
Module 8 Measuring instruments
Module 9 Metallurgy
Module 10 Heat and surface treatments
Module 11 Assembly components
Module 12 Riveting
Module 13 Metallization
Module 14 Corrosion
Module 15 Torquing
Module 16 Helicopters
Module 17 Braking
Module 18 Plan reading


Evaluation :
Continuous learning assessment (MCQ)
Practical workshop exercises for the modules concerned
Evaluation, by the trainee, of satisfaction training

Attendance tracking :
Attendance sheets

Coordinator : Alexandre Mora-Fabas

Training manager : Cyril Alvarez

Response time : 48h

Price, accessibility : contact us

Contact :

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