A century of innovation: history of the group

Potez VII

From the “Eclair Propeller” of 1917 to the most recent patent, POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE’s history reflects the innovative spirit of the Potez family. These values continue to open up opportunities for the group and its clients.

An exciting future has its roots in some legendary aircraft. This is what Jean Bellis succeeds so well in expressing in his splendid watercolors. When technology meets artistic sensitivities... Dive into the marvelous inventions of the Potez family and their dedicated teams.

“Having learned about successful and unsuccessful aircraft, I acquired a great experience in what to do and what not to do to build a good aircraft.”

Henry Potez

Find other watercolors of planes, gliders, helicopters and other airships that have participated in the history of aeronautics on the site of Jean Bellis.

The whole POTEZ AÉRONAUTIQUE story here!

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